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DRAFT NASA Research Announcement (NRA) “Solicitation of Proposals for possible inclusion in the Russian Bion-M2 Mission”

NASA requests your comments on the scope and content of this DRAFT solicitation entitled “Solicitation of Proposals for possible inclusion in the Russian Bion-M2 Mission”. This solicitation may be released in the future as an Appendix to the NASA Omnibus Research Announcement “Research Opportunities in Space Biology (ROSBio)–2016”.

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This DRAFT solicitation can be found at: http://nspires.nasaprs.com/and linking through the menu listings "Solicitations" to "Open Solicitations" or by clicking on the following link:http://tinyurl.com/DRAFTROSBioBionM2.  NOTE: THIS IS NOT A CALL FOR PROPOSALS, and there is no funding associated with this DRAFT NRA.

Comments to this draft research announcement must be submitted by email to NASA-spacebiology@mail.nasa.gov, and received by 05/09/2017.  Please include in the subject heading the words “Bion M2 solicitation NNH17ZTT004J”.  Please ensure that all email submissions have the appropriate subject headings to facilitate their proper review and consideration.  Also, pleaseinclude the page number of the solicitation document for each of your comments.  When appropriate, NASA will respond to submissions by email, however, not all submissions may receive a response.

Questions regarding these instructions or this draft solicitation may also be addressed to NASA-spacebiology@mail.nasa.gov, with your e-mail subject heading “Question regarding NNH17ZTT004J”.